2024-March Announcement: Log Edit Suggestions Updates

    Release Date

    March, 2024



    We've made important updates to our log edit suggestions flow to align with the US and Canadian regulations (ref section). Previously, Fleet Users used to generate log edit suggestions for Drivers, even if their logs were uncertified.
    To ensure compliance, Fleet Users can now only edit a Driver’s log after it is certified. These changes prioritize adherence to regulations, offering our customers a more compliant solution.


    Feature Overview

    • Certification requirement: If a Driver does not have a certified log, a tooltip appears on Edit Log in the upper right corner of the screen. It displays that the Driver must sign their log before log edits can be made. This ensures adherence to regulatory standards before initiating any edit suggestions.

    • AI-generated suggestions: AI-generated log edit suggestions (such as Face Match or Driver App Data) now wait until the logs are certified by the respective Driver.

      Note: The backend processing of AI-generated suggestions can take up to 8 hours to process logs certified later.


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