How to watch AI Dashcam Recorded Videos on Fleet Dashboard

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    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View 



    Video recall lets Fleet Managers retrieve non-event triggered video footage stored on the AI Dashcam from a specific point in time.


    Note: The Motive AI Dashcam’s local storage is configurable. With default settings, the local storage is overwritten every 100 hours of engine run-time on DC-54 (Dual-Facing) and 90 hours on DC-53 (Road-Facing). For more information, see What is Dashcam Configurable Storage.


    Steps: Watching AI Dashcam Recorded Videos 


    Viewing AI Dashcam videos directly from the Vehicles tab.

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and the Fleet View page displays.
    2. Navigate to Vehicles tab.
    3. Select any vehicle with a Motive AI Dashcam for which you would like to recall video footage.


    4. Click on Request Video. This opens a new dialog box.


    5. Select the date/time and click on Request Video.

    Note: Currently, all video requests are limited to a maximum of 3 minutes in length. Also, the green timeline represents available footage on the dashcam. Video outside the green timeline cannot be requested as the dashcam is off in those instances.



    A prompt appears confirming that your video request is sent to your registered email address.

    6. Click on the link to the requested video in the email.


    Viewing AI Dashcam videos from vehicle’s Location History page

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and Fleet View page displays.
    2. Click on Vehicles tab.
    3. Select any vehicle with a Motive AI Dashcam for which you would like to recall video footage.


    4. Click on View Location History so you can see your requested videos on the vehicle's route.


    5. Click Request Video on the time card.


    6. A prompt appears with the message, Video Request Sent.


    7. You can also review the list of all previously requested videos by clicking on the Reports menu icon on the left-hand side of the Fleet Dashboard.
    8. Scroll down under the Browse section and click on Requested Videos.


    9. In the report, you can look at the requested videos by applying filters for Dates, Drivers, Vehicles or Request Status.



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