Dashcam disconnects frequently

    Audience Drivers
    Applies To  Dashcam, Vehicle Gateway 


    Symptoms: Motive Dashcam disconnects frequently 

    • The Dashcam keeps on getting disconnected from the Vehicle Gateway.



    • Unknown



    If your Motive Dashcam keeps on getting disconnected, follow the steps listed below:

    1. Check the cable connection of both the Vehicle Gateway and the Dashcam.
    2. Turn off the engine and disconnect the Vehicle Gateway and Dashcam.
    3. Inspect the cable on both the ends and the diagnostic port of the vehicle.
    4. Inspect the camera cable and USB port of the Vehicle Gateway.
    5. Connect the Vehicle Gateway back to the vehicle.
    6. Start the engine and wait for the red/green LED light to turn on the Vehicle Gateway.
    7. Connect the Dashcam to the Vehicle Gateway.
    8. Ensure all connections are clean and tight.


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