Dashcam Manual Video Retrieval Process



    In scenarios, where dashcam videos can't be recalled successfully due to vehicle being damaged or dashcam not getting power due to accident, we can proceed with a manual video recovery from dashcam. 



    Fleet Admins


    Applied To

    Dashcams Models: DC-33,34,53 & 54 



    1. Note the local time and time zone of the reported event. 

    2. Convert the local time of the incident to UTC time - please use this link - NOTE THIS CONVERTED TIME

    3. Install VLC Media Player on your system.

    4. Plug in the dashcam into your laptop or PC. 
    5. Browse through the video files, files are listed in YYYY-MM-DD and for time its HH-MM-SS.     (Locate the file who’s filename is closest to the desired timeframe.

    6. Copy the required videos to your system.

    7. Unplug the dashcam. 

    8. Open the videos using VLC Player. 

    Note : Kindly make sure to unplug the dashcam once videos have been retrieved successfully. If the dashcam stays plugged in, as it keeps getting power from your system, it may over-ride existing videos on the dashcam storage. 

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