How to enable/disable Fraud Controls for Motive Cards at Fleet level

    Audience  Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins  
    Applies To  Motive Cards 



    Enabling Fraud Controls for Motive cards allows Fleet Admins to introduce better security against fraud or misuse of the Motive card. Once enabled, all Motive cards in the fleet get locked automatically. Cardholders need to send the unlock pin (last four digits of their Motive Card) via SMS to Motive at (408) 645-7882 before they swipe the card for usage. Once the cardholder's mobile number and pin are verified, the card gets unlocked and a confirmation SMS is sent to the cardholder. They can then use their card for 30 minutes only, after which the card is automatically locked again. 


    Steps: Enabling/Disabling Fraud Controls at Fleet level


    Enabling Fraud Controls

    1. Login to the Fleet Dashboard and click the Admin icon on the bottom left side of the screen.


    2. Click Cards.
    3. Open the Settings tab.


    4. If you do not see the Settings tab at this point, click Fleet Users tab in the left-hand side menu

    5. Click Roles & Permissions.
    6. Choose Edit from the Options dropdown menu for the Fleet User.


    7. On the Edit Role screen, scroll down to the Cards section under Admin, and enable Access Card Management and Edit Card Status and Spend Control, and Fraud Control.


    8. Go back to the Cards menu in the left-hand side menu.


    9. Settings tab appears on the screen. Open the Settings tab and switch the toggle button for Fraud Controls.


    10. Read the message in the popup and click Yes to Enable Fraud Controls



    Note: This enables the Fraud Controls for the entire fleet and all cards in the fleet get automatically locked, except for those cardholders whose mobile numbers are not available in the system. If the mobile number for one or more cardholders is missing, then their card doesn’t get automatically locked and they can continue to transact as earlier. Once the Fleet Manager/Fleet Admin provides their contact number, their cards get automatically locked.


    11. A toast message appears if one or more mobile numbers are missing for card holders. Click the Add phone numbers option in the message to add the required mobile numbers.


    12. A popup screen appears with all cardholders whose numbers are missing. Add the numbers and click Save.


    13. As confirmation, SMS card unlock enabled for x cardholders notification appears on the top of your screen.


    Disabling Fraud Controls feature

    1. To disable the Fraud Controls feature, follow steps 1-3 as mentioned above for enabling Fraud Controls feature.
    2. Switch the toggle button to disable the Fraud Fontrols.



    Note: This change applies instantly to all cardholders, and all cards in the fleet get automatically unlocked. All drivers can then use their Motive Cards without needing to text the unlock PIN to Motive. You cannot override this setting for individual cardholders.


    3. Read the message in the popup and click Yes to Disable Fraud Controls



    Verifying cardholder mobile numbers

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click Reports options from the left-hand side menu.
    2. Under the Browse section, select Drivers.
    3. Select Drivers Details.


    4. The Drivers Detail page displays. The CONTACT DETAILS column shows the contact numbers for all drivers. Validate the mobile number for each cardholder in the fleet.



    Note: Ensure that the mobile numbers are correct. In case a mobile number is incorrect, the cardholder would not be able to unlock their Motive card for use.


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