My Dashcam is not working

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    Applies To AI Dashcam, Smart Dashcam


    Symptoms: My Dashcam is not working

    • Dashcam not turning on/ powering up
    • Dashcam not recording
    • LED bar/light on the camera is not illuminated



    Following are the causes that can result in your Dashcam not working: 

    • Vehicle Gateway connected to the Dashcam is powered off
    • Damage to Dashcam’s cables
    • The Vehicle Gateway USB port is damaged
    • Dashcam and Vehicle Gateway are not connected properly
    • Dashcam requires updating
    • Dashcam and Vehicle Gateway combination issue
    • Dashcam needs troubleshooting



    There are multiple potential solutions to this issue. Motive recommends working through the following solutions until you find the one that solves your particular issue.


    Turn on Vehicle Gateway

    1. If the Vehicle Gateway connected to the Dashcam is off, turn it on.
    2. Verify this by checking the LEDs on the Vehicle Gateway.


    Dashcam’s Cable damage

    1. Inspect the Dashcam and its cable for any damage or rust/corrosion in the cable.
    2. Inspect the USB end of the cable for any damages
    3. In case of damage, you have to replace it with a new Dashcam.


    The Vehicle Gateway USB port is damaged

    1. Plug in a usb charging cable and check whether your phone charges.
    2. Plug the Dashcam into the USB power source such as your laptop/12v charger in your vehicle and check if the Dashcam powers up.
    3. Plug the Dashcam into a different Vehicle Gateway or plug a different Dashcam into the same gateway and check if the Dashcam works.


    Dashcam and Vehicle Gateway connection issues

    1. Make sure that no other device (like a USB hub) is plugged between the Vehicle Gateway and the Dashcam.
    2. Remove any USB hub plugged in and ensure the Dashcam is directly connected to the Vehicle Gateway.
    Note: The USB port on the Vehicle Gateway is for Motive’s Dashcam Only.


    AI Dashcam Update installation required

    1. Press the pinhole reset button for 10+ seconds on the side of the AI Dashcam next to the logo to reset the device to the original factory settings.


    2. The AI Dashcam now powers up and goes through the software update process to get to the latest version.


    Dashcam and Vehicle Gateway combination

    Note: Sometimes when your Dashcam is faulty or you're using an old Vehicle Gateway, your AI Dashcam might not power up. The issue can be with either of them or both and to resolve the issue, you need to check where the issue is.
    1. To check if your Dashcam is faulty or not, swap your Dashcam with another working Dashcam and check if the other test unit powers up/works properly. If the new Dashcam works, it means your previous Dashcam was faulty.
    2. To check your Vehicle Gateway, try to connect the reported Dashcam with another Cellular Vehicle Gateway (that already has a working Dashcam connected to it). If the Dashcam works with the new Vehicle Gateway, the issue can be with the old Vehicle Gateway.
    3. Replace your Dashcam with the working Dashcam or get a newer Vehicle Gateway, depending on the issue you discovered in your case, and your AI Dashcam powers up.


    Troubleshooting Steps

    Note: (Normal lights: left =green, right =red(Motive app isn't connected and engine status isn't being detected) / flashing red (Motive app isn't connected and the engine is being detected as turned on) / green (Motive app is connected)
    1. Turn on the vehicle's engine and check if the Vehicle Gateway lights are turning on.
    2. Turn off the vehicle's engine and unplug the Dashcam. 
    3. Unplug the Vehicle Gateway from the vehicle diagnostic port and wait for 5+mins.
    4. Make sure that the cable connectors and the vehicle's diagnostic port are clean and that the connector pins are also looking fine.
    5. After 5 min, plug the Vehicle Gateway into the vehicle diagnostics port and make sure the connections are firm/secure.
    6. Now turn on the vehicle engine and wait for the GPS light (left-hand side) to turn solid green.
    7. Plug the Dashcam cable back into the Vehicle Gateway and check for the status of the LED light on the Dashcam. 
    Note: The left LED light is for GPS If the positioning of the Vehicle Gateway is such that you can see the Motive logo on the top.


    Test Dashcam

    1. Log into your Driver App and tap on Logs.


    2. Tap on Current Vehicle.


    3. Under the Current Vehicle section tap on Manage Dashcam. If the camera is detected, it shows Detected in green and gives you the option to take a test image.


    4. On the Manage Dashcam screen, tap on View Images to see if your Dashcam is working. If the camera is detected, it shows Connected and gives you the option to take a test image.


    5. Turn the Engine ON and wait for 2 mins. Look for the status of the LED on the Dashcam (ON / OFF).


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