Vehicle Gateway Not Powering Up

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    Applies To Vehicle Gateway



    Cellular Vehicle Gateway is not powering up and the LEDs are off.



    • Cable Issue 
      • Loose cable connection
      • Damaged cable 
      • Incorrect cable in use
      • Bent/missing/corroded pins
    • Battery Issue
      • Not enough or no power at the vehicle's diagnostic port or fuse box
    • Debris / Dirt
      • On the vehicle's diagnostic port
      • On the cable connector
      • On the Vehicle Gateway port



    Troubleshooting Steps

    Note: Ensure the Engine is ON and cables are securely connected when following the below steps (If no lights on the ELD)

    1. Give a reboot to Vehicle Gateway for 5+ minutes by unplugging it from the diagnostic port/ fuse box. Before you unplug the device, turn the engine OFF.
      • Take pictures of both ends of the Motive cable, the Vehicle Gateway device's port, and the diagnostic port/ fuse box (if fuse box connectors are in use).
    2. Plug the Vehicle Gateway back in and secure both ends of the cable.
    3. Turn the vehicle engine ON.
    4. Plug in the Vehicle Gateway back and check the lights on the device, they will turn on within 2 minutes.


    Perform a swap test

    If the issue persists, follow the below additional steps (If applicable to you):

    • Connect the reported ELD device (facing the power issue) to another vehicle having a working Vehicle Gateway connected to it, to check if it powers up or not.
    • Connect another working ELD device in the vehicle (where the reported ELD was not powering up) to observe if it powers up or not.

    If the reported ELD device is powering up in another vehicle, then the issue is occurring from the vehicle's side or due to the cable in use.


    Note: In case the device still does not power up, please reach out to our 24/7 Support Helpline.


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