My Driver App duty status is stuck in drive mode on iOS

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    Symptom: App stuck in drive mode

    The duty status, in the Driver App, is stuck in drive mode.



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    Check the Application Version and OS Requirements

    1. The application has to be the latest version for it to work smoothly. Open the Driver App and check for its version.

    2. Motive recommends certain OS for the flawless working of the app. Check if the OS of your mobile device is as per what Motive recommends.


    Unpair Mobile Device

    1. Tap the Settings icon on the home screen.


    2. Now, tap Bluetooth.


    3. On the Bluetooth screen, tap your Motive ID to unpair.


    4. Tap on Forget this device to unpair the Bluetooth device.


    5. Now, turn the Bluetooth off by tapping on the toggle button.


    6. Go to the main screen of your phone or tablet and tap the Motive Driver App.


    7. This allows you to force exit the driving lock screen and tap Exit Driving Mode.

    Note: We are working on an upcoming UX update to improve the experience for drivers. This enhancement will allow drivers to exit the screen with a single click in case of a loss of Bluetooth connection lasting over a minute, ensuring a smoother user experience.

    8. Tap Yes to exit the Driver App, which will un-identify the actual driving event.


    Note: If the above steps do not solve the problem, then reboot the mobile/tablet.


    Reboot your Phone

    1. Press the power button of your phone for a few seconds until the reboot option appears.

    2. Click on the Reboot or Restart button.


    Troubleshooting steps

    Please follow the below instructions if rebooting does not resolve the issue:

    1. Turn Bluetooth Off.
    2. Unplug ELD and wait for the lights to turn off.
    3. Wait for 1 minute and plug the ELD back in.
    4. Open your App and exit driving mode.
    Note: Learn more about Resolving Unidentified Trips from the Driver App.


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