How to buy more Live Stream Footage

    Audience Fleet Admin
    Applies To  AI Dashcam, Fleet Dashboard (Pro and Enterprise plans)



    Live streaming allows Fleet Managers to view live AI Dashcam video in their Fleet Dashboard remotely, in real-time.


    Steps: Buying more Live Stream footage 

    Each AI Dashcam includes 10 minutes of live streaming per month on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

    • If you need more time, you can purchase a live-streaming license for $5/month. This provides an additional ten hours of footage per month, which can be pooled across all of your AI Dashcams.
    • How to buy more live stream footage: Reach out to your Motive account representative or contact Support if you are interested in upgrading your live streaming data plan.

    Additional Notes

    • Like the free tier, unused hours will not roll over to the next month.
    • The license fee is a flat rate and is charged regardless of actual usage.

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