Wrong Date and Time Zone on Logs

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    Applies To Driver App



    • Logs are showing the wrong Date and Time zone. 



    • Mobile device’s date and time settings not set to automatic 


    1. Go to the Settings on your phone or tablet.


    Note: On some Android devices, the Date and Time settings can be located under System or General management.


    2. Click on General management/System 


    3. Click on Date and time. 


    4. Confirm that the radio buttons next to the Automatic Date & Time are checked.


    5. After you have updated your Date & Time setting, log out of the Motive Driver app, and log back in.

    Your device will now automatically change time zones according to your location. Keep in mind that the time zone on your logs in the Motive Driver app should always reflect your home terminal’s time zone, and this should not change.


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