How to resolve Code E on Vehicle Gateway

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    Applies To Vehicle Gateway



    If your Vehicle Gateway is not working properly due to Code E issue, it needs to go through some basic troubleshooting. It will eliminate any issues your Vehicle Gateway would be having in collecting the right recording time. 


    Steps: Resolving Code E on Vehicle Gateway

    1. Check if your Driver App is connected properly. If the right-hand LED light is Green, it is connected well.

    2. Leave the vehicle from the Driver App.

    3. Log out from your Driver App to log back into the Driver App after 15 seconds.

    4. Select the current vehicle from the Driver App and connect it with the Vehicle Gateway. 

    5. Turn the engine off if the connection is not established.

    6. Unplug the Vehicle Gateway from the diagnostic port and Wait for 5 minutes before plugging it back. 

    7. After connecting the Driver App, take a test drive over 5 MPH. The driving lock screen should appear on the App.

    8. If you're using a Y cable, please remove it and connect the Vehicle Gateway directly to the diagnostic port.

    9. Check the speedometer/tachometer gauges to ensure they are working fine


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