Unable to Assign Unidentified trips

    Audience Fleet admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard



    1. Driver does not have log for today.
    2. Conflicting driving event on log.
    3. Unable to assign.



    1. When error on Fleet Dashboard is "Driver does not have log for today", that is because driver's logs are not synced/updated on the web, therefore ask the relevant driver to login to driver app with active internet connection and then assign the trip to that driver.
    2. When error is "Conflicting driving event on log", cause is that manual driving is added by the driver or FA around that time. In that case edit manually added driving to on duty and save and then assign trip to the driver.
    3. When error is "Unable to assign", that means driver was not enabled for ELD when unidentified driving got recorded and those trips can not be assigned and FA can only make a note on it.


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