Motive Card transaction is declined

    Audience Drivers
    Applies To Motive Card


    Symptoms: Motive Card transaction is declined

    • My Motive Card transactions are getting declined. 
    • I can’t make fuel purchase transactions using Motive Card. 






    Motive recommends following any of these solutions in case of a declined Motive Card transaction: 


    Re-insert Motive Card

    Swiping is not supported when a chip reader is available. Please try again by inserting your card into the chip reader.


    Invalid billing zip code 

    Please try again by entering the zip code of your Fleet’s business address. 


    Inactive Motive Card

    Check if your card is currently active in the Motive Card Hub in the Driver App. If your card is frozen, you aren’t allowed to transact. 


    Select credit when using the Motive Card

    The Motive Card should be used as a credit card rather than debit card. 

    Note: If you’re still unable to make a successful transaction using your Motive Card, contact your Fleet Admin or Motive Support for more details.


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