What is AI Omnicam?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
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    Motive has introduced the AI Omnicam, the first side/rear camera product with AI-enabled hardware and built-in cellular connectivity. The AI Omnicam provides 360-degree monitoring of the vehicle while being securely attached as a side/rear camera.


    How AI Omnicam Helps You

    • Provides 360-degree visibility into safety incidents when paired with the AI Dashcam. 
    • Offers reliable hardware built with IP69K waterproof rating that works in all weather conditions. 
    • Offers low ownership cost as it comes with a DVR box-free installation. 


    AI Omnicam Overview

    • The Motive AI Omnicam provides complete visibility around the vehicle by supporting side, rear, passenger, and cargo monitoring. 


    • AI Omnicam provides real-time accident alerts to Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins with videos to take immediate action, minimize loss, and protect Drivers. 
    • The AI Omnicam in combination with AI Dashcam automatically detects unsafe lane changes and close following driving events at high speeds.



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