Understanding the orange dot (Data Diagnostic Event) on the ELD icon in the Driver App

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    This article walks through seeing an orange dot on the ELD icon next to the Current Vehicle selection in the Driver App.


    Cause: Orange dot on ELD 

    • Power Data (Code 1): The ELD is not powered and fully functional.
    • Engine Sync (Code 2): ELD loses ECM connectivity to any of the required data sources
    • Missing Required Data Elements (Code 3): Missing data elements in the ELD event record.
    • Unidentified Driving Records (Code 5): Over 30 minutes of unidentified driving time in the last 24 hours



    An orange dot on the vehicle selection screen is an indication that there is an active data diagnostic for the Vehicle Gateway. Follow the steps below to get more information on determining which data diagnostic is active:

    1. Log in to Motive Driver App.
    2. Tap on the Current Vehicle to view more details.


    3. Click on the Gear icon.


    4. From the ELD Diagnostic screen, scroll down the ELD Diagnostic Event section to view active data diagnostics.


    5. The screen will show details of the data diagnostic including code and issue. For example in the image below the Diagnostic event is Code 1.


    6. Find the code in the Vehicle Gateway Malfunctions and Data Diagnostics Overview article and follow the instructions.


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