Wifi hotspot not working

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    The Vehicle Gateway Wi-Fi hotspot is not working





    If you have concerns related to Wi-Fi hotspot, please follow some simple steps mentioned below in order to fix the issue:

    1. Try to load a website in your device’s browser.
    2. Make sure the LED lights on the Vehicle Gateway are powered ON. 
    3. Ensure the WiFi of your mobile/tablet device is ON and the airplane mode is OFF.
    4. If you are unable to see Motive Hotspot under available networks in your WiFi settings of the device, try unplugging the Vehicle Gateway for 5+ minutes with the engine turned OFF, then plug it back in.
    5. Once rebooted, wait for approximately 2 minutes and see if the WiFi Hotspot shows up.
    6. If not, check if the Vehicle Gateway's WiFi hotspot is available to connect on a secondary mobile device.
    7. Make sure the Vehicle Gateway firmware is updated. To learn how to update your Vehicle Gateway, click here.
    8. The Vehicle Gateway must detect Engine ON within the last 45 minutes for Wi-Fi SSID to be broadcasted by the hotspot.
    9. If the issue still persists after going through the above-mentioned checks, contact customer support.

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