Can not insert Drive time manually on Driver App

    Audience  Drivers 
    Applies To  Driver App 


    Issue: Can't insert Drive time manually 

    • Unable to insert manual drive time on Driver App



    • Driver using ELD Exempt Vehicle (before the year 2000)
    • Driver does not leave a 100/150-mile radius

    • Driver hauling goods that are exempt



    1. Log in to Motive Driver App and click Logs. 


    2. Tap on Current Status.


    3. On the Current Duty Status screen choose Driving.

    4. Select Location and add Notes. 
    5. Tap on Save.



    Note: You can only add manual driving if you are enabled for it. If you don't see the Manual Driving option on your Driver App, please contact your Fleet Admin to enable it for you. 


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